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    About Linemarks

    Midlands based company (Established in 1990) specialising in preparing and applying durable lines and linemarking on warehouse and factory floors.

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    External linemarking

    External linemarking is durable, fast to apply and rapid setting for walkways, car parks, zebra crossings, trailer bays and cross hatching. External linemarking

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    Internal linemarking

    Internal linemarking durable, quick to apply with minimal downtime and disruption suitable for walkways, MHE routes and pallet storage. Internal linemarking

More about Linemarks

Linemarks.co.uk is a Midlands based company (Established in 1990) specialising in all line marking and painting on floors and grounds that helps makes the working environment safer and better organised. Our speclalist paint and preparation means your line marks are long-lasting, durable and fast setting to minimise disruption during the work. Example locations include the following:

  • Walkways
  • Pallet locations
  • Warehouse line marks
  • Factory line markings
  • Trailer parking bay marking
  • Car park lines
  • Roadways
  • Crossings

Find out more on our external linemarking and Internal linemarking pages.

Call us now for or submit and fill out our contact form to arrange a site visit and quotation:

Landline: 01788 569980
Mobile: 07836 659115
Email: info@linemarks.co.uk