External linemarking

Get in touch if you are looking for long-lasting, visible line markings for your external surfaces: car parks, loading bays or truck stops, sports grounds or play areas. We use our experience to complete all external linemarking using fast setting, durable products with minimal downtime.

External Linemarking service benefits

  • Proven durable products
  • Fast to apply
  • Dry in minutes
  • Minimal downtime

    External linemarking - bays
    External linemarking – trailer parking bays

External linemarking examples:

  • Walkways – clearly mark where people can walk safely and where vehicles can go.
  • Carparks – line marking in car parks of all shapes and sizes. We comply with the relevant parking legislation and our lines are painted to stay visible in heavy traffic.
  • Cross hatching – mark clearly where vehicles are not allowed.
  • Zebra crossings – marking on roads so zebra crossings are clearly marked and legally compliant.
  • Trailer parking bays – clearly mark locations, waiting and loading areas to make your loading areas efficient and safe.
  • Bay door guide lines – your loading areas need to properly marked.

Our clients include warehouse and logistics companies, local borough councils, county councils and national companies with warehouses, factories or workshops. Get in touch with us on 01788 569980 or use our contact form. Also see our page on internal linemarking.